Labour sent out ‘search parties’ for immigrants to get them to come to the UK, Lord Mandelson has admitted.
– Daily Mail, 14th May 2013

UKIP’s Policies on the Control and Management of our Borders 

  • UKIP recognises the benefits of limited, controlled immigration.
  • UKIP will leave the EU, and take back control of our borders. Work permits will be permitted to fill skills gaps in the UK jobs market.
  • We will extend to EU citizens the existing points-based system for time-limited work permits. Those coming to work in the UK must have a job to go to, must speak English, must have accommodation agreed prior to their arrival, and must have NHS-approved health insurance.
  • Migrants will only be eligible for benefits (in work or out of work)  when they have been paying tax and NI for five years and will only be eligible for permanent residence after ten years.
  • UKIP will reinstate the primary purpose rule for bringing foreign spouses and children to the UK.
  • UKIP will not offer an amnesty for illegal immigrants or those gaining British passports through fraud.
  • UKIP will return to the principles of the UN Convention of Refugees which serves to protect the most vulnerable.

→ The Government’s Responsibility

Much in the same way that a prosperous family will look to help the homeless and suffering in their area with any excess that they are blessed with, John believes that it is the moral duty of nations to consider how they may help those less fortunate than themselves with any surplus that they produce as a nation.

But when a nation such as Britain is running a substantial deficit and the very people who elect and pay the salaries of the government are suffering widespread deprivation as a consequence of the acute limitation of resources and means of producing income, it is John’s belief that the government has a primary responsibility to those who elected them and who pay their salaries, to ensure that policy and legislation prioritises the needs of the people of Britain ahead of those from other nations.

→ Well Managed Immigration Benefits the UK

For this reason, John believes that the UK’s immigration policy should be structured to ensure that every immigrant entering the country is welcomed as a national asset; someone whose contribution to our nation would be deemed by all who understand the nature of his or her participation, to represent value to Britain. John wants immigrants to be valued and respected on grounds that their successful application via a rigorous assessment system has proven that they are of value to us. Conversely, John fears that immigrants to the UK – who are doing absolutely nothing wrong and moving entirely within the protection and endorsement of our laws, and on the whole simply looking to better the prospects of their families, which is surely every good parent’s responsibility – are nonetheless sadly becoming resented by our working class and and viewed as a threat to their own livelihoods and the prospects of their own families. This painful and dangerous situation ought never to have been allowed to develop. Our own government ought to have identified the fatuousness of Europe’s one-size-fits-all policies a long time ago.

Immigration that benefits the UK should ensure that people coming here to live are either able to contribute skills of which we suffer a shortage, or else have proven ability to create businesses and generate local employment. As an example of how well selective immigration can work, Britain was greatly blessed with such an influx of entrepreneurial skills from the Ugandan Asian population that had been ejected by Idi Amin in the 1970s and who now play a leading role in creating thousands of jobs in the UK across a broad range of industry sectors.

→ How the Australians Manage Positive Immigration

→ The EU’s Current Immigration Policy Favours Big Business

The political establishment on both sides of the supposed left / right divide has been very faithful to its friends in high places by pressing for our acceptance of the EU’s insistence on unrestricted immigration and castigating everyone who opposes the perpetuation of policies which make the rich richer and the poor poorer, as racists, nationalists, cranks, or pretty much any unkind word they can think of – even going so far as describing them in the most tenuous, disrespectful and inappropriate terms that even the most perverse imagination ought to be able to muster, as people that do unseemly things with electronic equipment.

Happily, in spite of the establishment’s domination of mainstream media and its unabated stream of propaganda, the dependable British public are too astute to be led along like the docile creatures our slick political class imagine that they are, and every slur attemptedly cast onto those who support Britain’s having a say in how its resources are managed has only added to the indignation against their condescension and patronising insults of this every growing sector of the British public’s intelligence.

→ Unrestricted Immigration is Impoverishing the Working Class

It is reckoned that there were 500,000 new jobs created last year in the UK, at the same time that there were at least 2 million Brits unemployed – and that’s going on government figures. Many reckon that with zero hour contracts and many part time positions having been created , the reality is much worse than this ratio of 4 unemployed people to every 1 job that becomes available. Now at around the same time, the Office of National Statistics reports that some 560,000 people are entering the UK from abroad, principally in search of employment. It is not generally disputed that those coming into the UK come here because they can earn more than they can in their country of origin. Necessarily, this means that they are willing to work for less than a British person. The British worker must therefore either agree to work for less or must agree to become unemployed. The maths is hard to argue with: half a million jobs are created, half a million people come here for jobs, and 2 million people remain unemployed. Extrapolate the situation just a few years and since companies are competing with one another and always therefore impelled to pay the lowest available wages demanded, the number of people coming into the country will almost exactly displace the same number currently in work onto zero hours contracts or into unemployment, and the ratio of British people with jobs to immigrants with jobs will become exponentially less annually.

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